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April 20, 2004

No Slacker

I've been working hard and I have proof.
Here's my progress so far on Lottie/Hottie. I finished the back and and most of the front.

It's been sidetracked lately by Sherbet Ripple.

I've barely touched the GE Cardi in the last two or three weeks. I tried to snap a picture but it just looked like a bland brown mass--which is pretty accurate.

I'm taking a workshop with Nancy Bush on Sunday. The supply list is a bit puzzling. It says, "Please bring the following items to class: 1 skein of heavy worsted weight wool (170 yds-100 gram skein) in a light color, and 1/2 skeins of two other colors-- these may be different, for example, red and black or two shades of the same hue, for example, light blue and medium blue. A set of US#4 or #5 double pointed needles, or 16” circular, stitch markers, scissors, and a blunt tipped tapestry needle."

First off, if you're going to specify yardage and weight than you might as well just come out and say what yarn we're supposed to bring. I've been looking and I can't find a yarn that's exactly these stats. Secondly, a size 4 or 5 needle for heavy worsted yarn seems way too small. I think this is a typo for "bring 4 or 5 double pointed needles or a 16" circular." I'm probably going to bring some Lamb's Pride Worsted and size 8 needles and call it good.