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April 17, 2004

Ripple Effect

One Sherbet Ripple done!

The cast on for the second and have finished about 14 rounds or so. This sock is so easy and fun to knit. It's not complicated and doesn't require a lot of attention but it's not just knit, knit, knit ad nauseam either. It's a happy middle ground. And making a sock on 3s is very appealing to me too. I don't enjoy knitting on teeny tiny needles.

Lottie/Hottie is still moving along nicely too. I didn't get a chance to snap a photo of it. I was too distracted by all the new yarn that's been accumulating on my desk. After my online shopping frenzy I announced that someone should restrain me if they saw me about to buy more yarn. Well, let me tell you, not one person has tried to stop me and look what happened!

I found Mountain Colors Weaver's Wool Quarters on sale. On sale, people. A mere $9.99 a skein to use to make some lovely socks or gloves. These colorways are Obsidian and Red Tail Hawk. Aren't they lovely?
Then--now this is not my fault--Nanette sent me this Pingouin sock yarn as a thank you for some soap I sent to her.

It looks like there will be many socks in my future.
Now this last one I already confessed. I bought Cotton Ease to make a sweater for a friend's daughter's birthday. The horses were clearly disturbed when more yarn showed up on the desk.