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May 9, 2004

Dare to Dream

Today I lived the dream. Today I was paid to knit. Yes, today was my first day of work at the Fiber Gallery. In addition to straightening and selling, I was asked to knit a scarf from some beautiful soy silk chenille. I haven't knit with chenille in years. I forgot how inelastic it is. It made my hands pretty sore. It was slow today at the shop (they only opened yesterday) and the store is still very low on inventory. But it was my first day at work at a real job in exactly six years and I enjoyed it. I also got to meet Melinda which was very nice.

I was making great progress on Rosy when I realized that I had cast on the wrong number of stitches about 25 rows back. I ripped and am reknitting. Still it's cool to see this pattern develop. Knitting it side to side I am surprised when I look at my work and see something that actually resembles a sweater.