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May 7, 2004


Here she is.

I realized when I finished seaming the sweater that I should have taken a picture of it before. It's an interesting looking sweater since it's knit in one piece. This was a really simple project that knits up very quickly. I still need to find a bit of ribbon to sew on for the closure. The girl I made it for won't be three until late June so I've got time.

I started Rosy this afternoon. It's knit side to side. I have to just follow the pattern blindly since I can never quite orient myself. Of course, I usually just follow the pattern blindly anyway. I've got four or five inches of the back done now. It definitely requires a lot more concentration than my usual miles of stockinette projects. It's still miles of stockinette but with short rows and shaping in all sorts of strange (to me) places.

Carissa has generously compiled a list of tank patterns and put them on her blog. How cool is that?

Another Shapely Tank has been completed. Jackie's Shapely is dazzling and mesmerizing.

I found this adorable ribbon at Nancy's Sewing Basket in the famous ribbon room.

Sorry the photo is a little blurry. It's three-step instructions on how to knit. They had one for crochet too. Fabulous, no? I think I want to make a simple A-line skirt and add this as trim. Perhaps I will do it some day...