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May 19, 2004

Dude, Where's My Post?

I was trying to post unsuccessfully all day yesterday. Wes finally figured out that he forgot to renew our domains so we had a lapse in service. But I'm back now, Baby!

The winner of The Namesake is Michele!

Here's a (crappy) picture of Rosy's back and right front. I'm half way through the left front now.

I am really enjoying knitting this pattern. The side to side knitting is so non-intuitive for me that it's a surprise to see what comes off my needles. I saw a completed Rosy last night in Manos Stria. It was really nice. That yarn is so soft. I will definitely need to get some one day.

I'm still working on my swatches for my class. It's so dulldulldull. I'll spare you a photo.

$400 soccer ball, anyone?