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May 20, 2004

Rowan, What Were You Thinking?

When I was at a LYS on Tuesday I saw a sample tank knit from the new Paper yarn from Rowan's R2 collection.

The yarn was icky. It took me a moment to place exactly where I had felt this material before. Then it hit me--it's the material they use for the pillow cases on airplanes! That same nasty, scritchy feeling right here in a tank top. How wonderful. Take a close look at the photograph and you can practically smell the jet fuel and start to feel anxious about your baggage. The top was stiff and scratchy...Completely unpleasant to imagine wearing. Oh and see through! Very, very see through. Ick. And why is this monstrous stuff called paper? It's 100% nylon. What about that makes you think of paper? And it's a real disservice to yarn that is actually made from paper, which I haven't had a chance to experience in person. I can only imagine it's much nicer stuff than this.

I was at the store for an anniversary sale. There have been three big sales in the last three weeks at yarn stores here. It's a dangerous time to be a knitter. I managed to leave with all but 15 of my dollars. I couldn't say no to Crystal Palace bamboo circulars for $5 each. The cables are so soft and supple. I want to cast on for a new pair of socks as soon as I finish the sleeves for the GE Cardi. I'm around halfway up both sleeves. I can't believe that I might finally finish this sweater some day.

Michele has graciously turned down my copy of The Namesake because she just got it from the library. She asked me to give it to another contestant. So congratulations Jan!