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May 22, 2004

Go, Rosy, Go

We sing a song at my younger son's preschool about Alice the Camel.

Alice the camel has three humps
Alice the camel has three humps
Alice the camel has three humps
Go, Alice, Go!

While I was taking a (yet another crummy) photo of Rosy with both fronts complete all I could think was, "Rosy the sweater has two fronts, Rosy the sweater..." Well, you get the idea.

I finished the left front of Rosy last night while watching All the Real Girls. I loved the mood, sense of humor and dialogue in this film. Wes didn't like how open-ended the ending was. He also felt it was too "Sundance."

In other movie news, last week for our film series we screened The Tracker. It's an Australian film set in 1922 about a group of (white) policemen and an aboriginal tracker following an aboriginal man accused of murdering a white woman. It's stark and reserved like a western with really interesting music. The audience enjoyed it a lot.