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May 11, 2004

Photo Catch-Up

Wes took our digital camera to a special event on Friday and I just dug it out of his briefcase. So at last I bring you...

A totally finished Lola.

Everyone likes the ribbon on this the best.

I lucked out in finding it. I went to Hancock Fabrics to return an unused skein of Cotton-Ease (the 3-4 size of this sweater only used 2 3/4 skeins). They had a meager ribbon selection. There was nothing in the color of the yarn I used and finally I found this ribbon hiding around the corner. I did a pretty awful job of sewing it on to the sweater. I still have a month to get it perfectly on there before I have to wrap it up and give it away.

Rosy is going great guns. I knit an entire skein of yarn between 8 pm last night and 10 pm tonight. I'm 2/3 of the way across the back. This isn't a great shot of it. The back looks pretty scrunched on my needles right now and the color isn't very true. But at least there's a photo!

And lastly the Ara poncho. Talk about your quick knits. I knit two skeins of this yarn in one sitting. Zoom, zoom, zooming along. I'm a quarter of the way through this.

It look like a hideous blog right now. Ah, the joy of cheap circular needles. They twist, they coil, they make your knitting look like a lumpy mess.

Yarn close up.

This yarn is great. I love thick and thin yarns. The texture is wonderful. It's soft and fluffy. It's completely fun to knit with. The colors are beautiful. And it was $3 a ball at the Weaving Works sale. I keep calling it my Colinette Point Five for cheapskates.

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