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June 3, 2004

Mrs. Brown, You've Got a Lovely Daughter

I've got Herman's Hermits going through my head. We got hermit crabs today. These things are frickin' huge! The one in the front is the size of a lime and the one in the back is the size of a lemon. HUGE! My son got the Hermit's Haven for his birthday and the crabs just arrived today. The brochure said they've switched to larger, "hardier" crabs. See that little beach hut in the picture at Amazon? We took ours out because our crabs are both bigger than the hut!

Freakishly large crabs aside, I have been working on Sam today. I have about 30 rows or so of ribbing done and it looks like it will be a cute sweater.

I worked at The Fiber Gallery tonight. A few Purlygirls stopped in to check the place out and to join in the project class. The 'Girls and I went to the Essential Bakery and knit some more once I got off work too. Thanks for all the moral support! I'm at The Fiber Gallery every Thursday night from 4-8. Stop in and say hi.