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June 1, 2004

Photo Time

Here is the wretched photo with my Buckwheat hair and miserable expression chopped off. After showing the photos to Wes we decided that the hair travesty must have been caused by my pulling off my other sweater to have him quickly take the pictures. Long story short, Shapely's done.

I had a meeting for the Stitch 'n Bitch bookclub tonight. We're a knitting book group. Our first book was The Secret Life of Bees. I read it for another book group and thought it was pretty mediocre. We had a great time chatting and knitting and getting to know one another. The bakery where we met is where I meet for two other groups. They always give me free stuff. Twice it was chocolates (I mean really good chocolates), last time it was bread and tonight they gave us all pastries to take with us. I got Wes and the boys croissants for breakfast. What could be better than free pastries?

I finished the last sleeve for Rosy and started stitching her up as soon as I got home. I have the shoulders seamed and half of one sleeve attached. I love the Classic Elite '03 Tweed but it sucks for seaming. The slubby parts get caught when you try to pull the yarn through and the yarn breaks if you pull too hard. It's not a great combination. The seams on Rosy are a little odd too since it's knit side to side. At least the yarn camouflages weird seams nicely.

I started casting on for Sam in Bandolino in a cotton candy pink. Perhaps I should join the Candyalong?