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June 16, 2004

Roll Call

Knitting projects, report in!

Rosy: Still pinned to the blocking board as pictured below. Ends need to be woven in and collar needs to be finessed a bit. I also need to give it a good and proper blocking.

Cloverleaf Socks: I'm on the toe decreases on the second sock. I expect that these bad boys will be kitchenered and complete by the end of the day tomorrow.

Sam: The back is nearly at the armhole decreases. I keep telling myself that I'm done with the biggest part. It will get smaller, it will get smaller, it will...

Birch: Two rows complete. Don't hold your breath.

GE Cardi: In a ball somewhere waiting to be seamed. Pink, fluffy yarn still captive in Canada.

Ara Poncho: One half done. I've cast on for the second half and knit about two rows. Hard to get worked up about a heavy wool poncho with summer around the corner.

And that's the whole deal. Maybe I can get inspired and knock Rosy and the socks off the list by the end of the weekend. Heck, I might even seam that sweater. But don't hold your breath.