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June 17, 2004

FOs and More

I finished the Cloverleaf Rib socks for the Six Sox Knitalong.

Click to see the clover detail.

These were fun and easy to knit. I still enjoyed Broadripple a little more. Since I tend to knit socks while on the run, waiting in line at the grocery store, at the zoo, etc., it's nice to have just a two row pattern. I kept worrying I was going to get off pattern with the Cloverleaf. I don't think I really did but I was perpetually concerned.

And today I finished seaming my cursed baby sweater. I still need buttons. I loathe this sweater. It's full of mistakes from four years ago. The seaming is appalling. And, worst of all, there's no one to wear it. Should I hang on to it and give it to a grandchild in thirty years. Should I donate it? Should I burn it to purge it of the evil spirits that obviously inhabit it? Ah, knowing me it will be another two years until I sew on the buttons.

Don't be fooled. It's looks innocent but this sweater is pure evil.

And here's a progress shot of the back of the Candy Sam.

I've mentioned before that my husband is a genius of film, snowflakes and eggplants. But yesterday he became a genius of cake. My six year old wanted to create a Booger Boy cake recipe. I helped him turn his list of ingredients into an actual recipe (he was not that far off) and handed it off to my husband while I went to the monthly meeting of the Seattle Knitter's Guild.* I came home to this:

Here's the real Booger Boy for a comparison:

Not bad, eh?

*Kristin Spurkland was speaking about her work as a designer. It was my first meeting. It was nice and informative but hot as hell! And it was only in the mid-70s yesterday. I'm afraid I'll faint if I go in July.