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July 13, 2004

Knitting Camp Recap Continued

Friday morning we covered steeks, borders, and hems. At the beginning of camp several sample project sheets were handed out. We were strongly encouraged to pick out a project to work on that involved some techniques that were new to us. I picked a Norwegian baby sweater so I could cut steeks. I worked on it like made on Thursday. On Friday I sat on the edge of my seat while Amy demonstrated how to crochet a steek. I crocheted right along with her.

Then as we broke for lunch I cornered Amy, made her inspect my steeks and made her stand there and watch me cut my neck steek.

Then I bragged all through lunch.

After lunch I crocheted and cut my arm steeks. I picked up stitches and started to knit my first sleeve and my steek started to fail. Some combination of loose crocheting, large gauge and who-know-what caused my crocheting to pretty much drop off my sweater leaving lots of vulnerable loose ends. I carefully knit the sleeve. When I picked up for the second sleeve I was very careful not to disturb the steek. It could go at any moment though. I decided on a cardigan and when it was time to steek the front of the sweater I used the sewing machine. That steeks not going anywhere.

Friday brought more Show and Tell. Eileen had a fair isle vest.

Fran had a favorite cardigan that has growing sleeves. Meg suggested that she cut off the bottom of the sleeves and reknit the cuffs.

Cheryl had a huge lace shawl that's still wadded up on the needles. She's working on the border and only has a few hundred more rows to go!

Everywhere in the room are piles of sweaters, shawls and hats. Many knit by Elizabeth Zimmermann herself.

Here's the knit stitch sweater that Lisa is making right now.

Friday night in Wisconsin is Fish Fry night (so I learned) so who was I to argue.

The fish.

And the company.

Then we knit into the wee hours.

I forgot that on Friday we also made the front page of the Marshfield paper--above the fold!