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July 29, 2004


The little green socks live! I restarted them and have finished both the feet and am just starting to turn the first heel.
They're Alive!

I am still having trouble with ladders. As I said before, I don't ever have problems with ladders doing a single sock on two circulars but something about two socks isn't really working out for me.

Waving Lace is also turning a heel.
As the Heel Turns

I was bored yesterday and made this.

I bought the yarn (Encore Colorspun) on sale to make a hat for a friend's baby about six months ago. I got sidetracked and never made the hat. I just found the yarn yesterday after reading an email announcing a new baby. So I knit this in the morning as a diversion. I accidentally picked up the wrong needles (7s instead of 6s) as I was starting so it's a bit bigger than I planned. I'll have to hang on to it now until the kid is about one. I just met another new baby today. I need to make something cute (all the way on the bottom) for her too.

I bought myself a toy today.

Ball winder will be coming soon. The ball winder pictured in yesterday's post was generously lent to me by Megan. It's great having a knitter on the block.

The new Rowan books are available for previewing. I'm not seeing anything that is really calling out to me yet. Capelets and ponchos galore. I'm intrigued by the Vintage Style book though. It's hard to tell because the photos are so darned dark.