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July 31, 2004

I Know You're Out There, I Can Hear You Breathing

I haven't been receiving many comments on the ole blog lately and was starting to wonder if anyone was really reading it. So I got a stat counter. I put it on the site on Tuesday afternoon and have had over 700 unique visitors since then. Holy crap! You all sure are stealthy. I had no idea.

I have one inch to go on the little green socks. I tried them on my son today and they fit perfectly. I hope that he doesn't have a sudden growth spurt. Since I made them with Koigu I may be inclined to rip them and reknit them in a larger size as he outgrows them.

Hopefully this weekend I will get close to finishing the Waving Lace socks too. I really want to start some new projects but wanted to get a few complete first. Next up will be the newest sock for the Six Sox Knitalong, Making Waves, which I will be making in Mountain Colors Weaver's Wool Quarters in the Red Tail Hawk colorway. I really should finish Candy Sam before I start Mia. I want to do something small and lacy with my burgundy Noro Lily but I haven't figured out exactly what. I also want to make the hipsters from Mon Petit Chou from the latest Knitty. And poor Birch. Only 4 rows done and left in a heap at the bottom of a basket. I need to wait for some cooler weather for that one. I was felting the mohair with my sweaty little paws.

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend.