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August 1, 2004

Chic and Chou

Corduroy modeled his new hat for us today. My 6 year old son took the photo here of Corduroy doing the Rachael.

Flush with the excitement of finishing the little green socks and the bear's hat yesterday, I cast on for Mon Petit Chou . I cast on after 1 AM. There should probably be a rule about this. Something like "If you're eyes are so tired that you can't focus on an object one foot away from your face, don't start a new project." Okay, I should probably come up with something a little catchier. Anyway, boy was I tired. But I was so excited I pulled out my Elann Esprit in Burgundy and tried to learn the invisible cast on. This should probably also be added to the rule. "No new techniques after 1 AM." So I figured out the cast on and knit the first few rows but never noticed that I had cast on one stitch too many. I finally got the hint that bedtime was long overdue. In the morning I ripped it out and started again. I got terribly hung up on row 8. For about an hour...possibly two. I could not find my mistake but somehow I had an extra stitch. I finally realized that I had two stitches from previous row that were meant to be knit together sitting side by side on the needle. I only did a few more rows before succumbing to a terrible headache. (No connection as far as I know.)

The Waving Lace sock is not done yet. I have 2.75 inches left on the foot then the toe.