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August 26, 2004

Poor Baby

I finished the Cupcake Beanie last night. This morning I followed the instructions to make the pom pom.
Pom Pom: Make one using pale pink, dark pink and mint. Wrap all three yarns around a 3" piece of cardboard for a total of about forty or fifty times.

This produced what I can only describe as a huge-ass pom pom. A pom pom so large that whatever poor baby I saddled with this goofy hat would not be able to life his or her head--ever. So I just wrapped the yarn around three of my fingers and came out with a less huge pom pom. That poor kid.

Say (ricotta) cheese.

I had another needle inventory marathon at work so I wasn't able to do the needle felting on the "Flowers to Go" tote. I brought it home with me along with some felting needles and gave it a go.

I didn't have one of those foam blocks that are used for needle felting. First I tried putting a folded plastic bag behind the part to be felted and one of those flexible cutting mats inside the bag so I wouldn't felt the inside of the bag shut. It dulled the needle terribly. Then I thought maybe a sponge would work. I didn't have any sponges but I did have Mr. Clean Magic Erasers (which are a godsend, by the way) and hey, they are pretty much just a foam rubber block (embedded with a truly magical cleaning solution). So I tucked that under my work and then my needle felting took off. It was stab, stab, stab and then, voila, flowers.

Tools of the Trade

This was fun and easy and a great way to work out one's aggression. Stab, stab, stab. Whee!!

I spent the day at the mall with the boys. I knit about half of the first sleeve of Paula. If you're ever at Bellevue Square and see a fatigued, aggravated woman who is knitting at the tug boat while yelling at two boys, that's me. Stop by and say hi.

I saw ponchos everywhere but they were all being worn by 16 or 8 year old girls. I'm over ponchos now, I think.

Oh, and for you ladies who are 50 or so and dress like your 14 year old daughters? Stop. Now.