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August 28, 2004


Yesterday, when I said
I'm over ponchos now, I think.
I did not mean that that there is anything wrong with ponchos. I did not mean to criticize anyone's poncho or your affection for them. You can be in love with them as you want. Enjoy them in good health.

The mall windows were overflowing with "shrugs." You may know them as "tubes." Like this one, literally with a twist, from Bebe.

Larissa and Ann inspired me. I decided to make a Psychedelic Square Afghan with my Cotton Classic scraps from the Cupcake Beanie, Fiesta Tea Set and other projects. I whipped one out yesterday afternoon.
Psychedelic, Man

I'm almost done with Paula's first sleeve.
Close Up

The Cotton Fleece is knitting up gauge for stitches per inch, but not rows. This shouldn't be a problem. The fabric is a little loose. This also shouldn't be a problem.

Interweave Knits Crochet is out. There are some cute patterns here but what's with the girl in the see through skirt in the bookstore?