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August 31, 2004

Send More Meatheads

The summer I was sixteen I got mono. I spent three weeks in bed and decided to read every book by Kurt Vonnegut that I hadn't read yet. Consequently the books all kind of blur together in my mind. I seem to recall that in one of them Martians invade Earth. They are all killed swiftly and easily by a group of ordinary folks, farmers and such. The victorious earthlings are later seen on the evening news holding up signs saying, "Send More Martians." (I could be getting all of this wrong. I was, after all, feverish at the time). So what's my point? Yesterday at 4:30 I found my meathead kits on my doorstep. Today at 11 I sent back to finished hats to Larissa. Send More Meatheads.

On a totally unrelated note, I had a moment of terrible weakness and bought some Kureyon 87 on eBay to make Butterfly. Amy is planning on knitting Butterfly. Julie is off to a flying start. Knitalong, anyone?