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August 30, 2004

Meatheads, Meatheads, Roly Poly Meatheads

I got my meathead kit today. That Larissa sure is fast. And so are these hats. I brought the kits to Purlygirls tonight. I borrowed a pair of size 19 (!) needles and I was off. I finished one and completed the ribbing on the second. I'll snap a picture of them tomorrow when they're both done and seamed up.

I spent yesterday knitting some more psychedelic squares. Then in the evening I went ot Jenna's to watch four episodes of the Knitty Gritty with all the knitters that will be going to LA to be on the show. Jenna needs eight sweaters knit to various points for swap outs on the show. Eight. We all offered to help out. I spent about five hours last night knitting k2 p2 ribbing. It was very reminiscent of Sam, who is still in time out. Once I finish the meathead hats I will head back to Paula. I need to free up those needles for Rogue, at long last.