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August 24, 2004

Uh, No, I Don't Think So

Can you see the stitches? Huh, can you? No, you're right. I can't see any stitches either. Which is why, when seaming Trendsetter Blossom, I just reach to one side and dig up any old thing onto my needle then dig on the other side and continue like that. Dig, dig, dig, tighten, dig, dig, dig, tighten. This is a seam on my you'll-slap-me-it's-so-simple baby hat. Also known as a rectangle.

The universe was against me yesterday. I struggled on Mon Petit Chou all day. I finally was up to row 37 when I headed to Purlygirls. Wes was running late and I was already really anxious to get there. There was some mysterious one-block traffic jam which caused me to sit, getting increasingly agitated, for TEN minutes to move ONE block. With jerks trying to cut in in front of me the whole time. Uh, no, I don't think so, Buddy. By the time I made it to the Capitol Club I was pretty riled up. Just ask the Purlygirls. They'll tell ya. I was on a tear. Then the bartender tried to charge me $4 for an iced tea. As in tea and ice. Four dollars. Uh, no, I don't think so. Then the waiter brought me a glass of ice water with a drizzle of tea in it. The stuff was clear. I sent it back and I got attitude from the him for the rest of the night. Grrr...

And my knitting? Oh man. First I started the Cupcake Beanie. I knit one round when I realized I should have purled instead of knit. Then I picked up Mon Petit Chou. I got to the end of the first row and was off by a stitch. I started to rip back and realized that Stitch 'n Bitch in a semi-darkish bar was not the place to deal with it. So I started Paula. I managed to knit the first 25 rows or so of my swatch sleeve without screwing anything up. Thank goodness.

Today I took a mental health day and left the kids with a friend. I got lunch with Purlygirl Jill and ran some errands. Then I went to the Teahouse to do a little knitting. In walks a knitting friend with her basket full of knitting! "Can I join you?" Hell yeah! So we knit and talked until I had to pick up the boys. My knitting consisted of knitting then ripping two rows of Mon Petit Chou. It took me about another hour at home to find the one missing yarn over. But I'm now on row 50. Great progress? Uh, no, I don't think so.