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August 23, 2004

Weekend Roundup

I was feeling so pissed and sad about Sam that I needed to go to a yarn shop to cheer up. I went to Hilltop to feel the Alpaca Silk in person since Weaving Works didn't have it in yet. Hilltop also had the Ribbon Twist and Big Just Got Bigger pattern books. They didn't thrill me. The yarn however is just amazing. It's soft, fluffy, sproingy. Lovely, lovely, lovely stuff. Way too expensive for me.

But the sale bins were overflowing. I got some Rowanspun DK at 40% off to make a Retro Prep sweater.

After seeing Alison's, Susan's, Melanie's and Rachael's I had to make one for myself. There was some Kureyon #124 that I almost got to make Butterfly but I held myself back.

I made some progress on Mon Petit Chou. I completed row 17-32. Several times. Just as I allow myself the thought, "Hey, I'm getting the hang of this." BAM! It goes kerflooey. Then I rip back and bit and figure it out. Knit some rows, rip back, etc. At least when it's all done I've moved forward.

And the lace.

And I won something this weekend. When I went to Weaving Works on Saturday I put my name in a raffle. I got a call yesterday that I won a Cupcake Beanie kit.