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October 8, 2004

American Girl

I had no time to blog yesterday. I left the house at 10 am and came back at 10pm. At work I unpacked an eleven foot long box from Brown Sheep. I am not making this up. Rebecca stopped by the store (and got a really pretty combo of Cascade 220 and Mustachio in shades of green) and I made her come see it to vouch for me. It was actually two boxes taped together to make a single monolithic box. Question for the good folks at Brown Sheep: Why? Why not just send two boxes? Work was very busy. There was lots of new yarn to unpack and customers to help. After work I did my usual knitting-after-work at the bakery.

When I got home I sat down with Rogue. I needed to finish the hood. I completed both sides and now need to graft or three-needle bind off the two sides of the hood and I'm just not getting it. My patterns don't quite seem to match up and it looks pretty awful. I undid it and put it on holders. I think I'll ponder it while I knit the sleeves. But first, I need to finish another afghan square to free up the needle to start the hem for the sleeves.

While at a friend's house this morning I saw the American Girl catalog. I have two boys. I don't get this catalog. These people are geniuses. It's like they're minting their own money. $20 doll-sized lunch boxes filled with fake food for your doll. $175 steamer trunks--that you can also store your doll in so it's more like a trunk/sarcophagus. And what every little girl needs, Hobo Camp Supplies! Then I heard about the American Girl Place in Chicago and New York that feature live musicals, a restaurant with special doll seating and a hair salon for the dolls (where "specially trained stylists work magic on your doll’s hair"). In fact, there is so much that you need to plan your itinerary. I bow to the nerve and brilliance of the executives of this company. They sure know how to push a girl's buttons.