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October 6, 2004

Much Better

Thanks everyone for all the support yesterday. I went to the movie. It was glorious. The look, the sound, the design. Just gorgeous. Then I picked up the juvenile offender from school. I told him that there was no play time and got him alone in the car. I drove a little and then parked and we talked about what had happened. Then we went home and I had him write his friend a letter of apology and put it in an envelope along with one of his videos that his friend really likes. We took it over to his friend's house and were able to give it to him in person. My son also was able to apologize in person. Within about six seconds the kids were begging to have a playdate together. I think they'll be all right.

I had a parent meeting to go to in the evening. I left early and went to Nancy's Sewing Basket to get seam binding for the Lunchbag Carryall. Then I went across the street to Hilltop Yarn. I looked over Debbie Bliss's new book, Junior Knits. I have to say I'm really disappointed. Nearly all of the designs are minimal reworkings of previously published designs. She even recycles a bunch of names of patterns. I do like the spiral binding and hardcover on the book. And she always gets the most adorable and beautiful children to model her stuff.

I found a single skein of Cotton Classic on the sale shelf and grabbed it for the Psychedelic Squares Afghan. I've got nine squares now.

Then I went to a coffee shop and knit over a mug of tea until my meeting. Ahhh...

Oh, and Wes got rehired. Yay!

Today I got in a lot of knitting. I worked on a new square and got up to row 68 of the hood on Rogue. I went to a meeting of the Eastsidestitchers. There was a really small turn out (5 of us). But I did get to meet Sharlyn. And another knitter was working on Rogue too in a nearly identical color of Cascade 220. I think I was finally able to capture the cabling. Although the color is not remotely true.

I also saw the link to the new projects from the winter IK (via SequinK). I am underwhelmed. I don't think I'll be making any of these. (Until someone starts a knitalong and then I'll think I can't live without it like some sort of knitting lemming.)

I went to Coach today. I love Coach. I worked there for three and a half years before I had my first son. I did, however, chuckle when I saw this for a mere $98.