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November 25, 2004

Mixed Blessing

I finished the last sleeve of Butterfly on Wednesday night. I was supposed to go to Stitch 'n Bitch but our usual spot closed early, even though we were told they wouldn't. Seven of us managed to regroup at the Tea House though. After finishing the Butterfly sleeve I resumed work on the second sleeve to the Big Sack sweater. When I got home I realized I was doing the increases on the Big Sack sleeve at the rate of the decreases from the Butterfly sleeve and had to rip out about a dozen rows.

Also on Wednesday, my four year old son asked me to make him a "red scarf." I was very excited to have a family member give a hoot about having anything handknit and told him I would. When he woke up on Thursday he demanded his scarf. I explained that I didn't have any red yarn and that all the stores were closed.

"I want my red scarf!"
"Honey, I will get some red yarn on Friday and start your scarf," I explained.
"This red yarn right here," he shouted from the kitchen. "Here, I'll show you."
He brought me over to the leftover yarn from Paula.
"This is purple," I told him.
"Make my scarf!"

So I sat down to make his scarf. I decided on stockinette with a small seed stitch border and a keyhole so it could be short and not too much of a choking hazard. After about fifteen minutes he came back to see if I was done yet. I told him it may take a few days. He decided to "help" the whole process by screaming, "Mommy, make my scarf!" whenever I paused to rest, eat, go to the bathroom or prepare food (even for him). He also announced that he wanted a hat and coat to go with the scarf.

I always wanted my family to be more interested in my knitting. That will teach me.