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November 27, 2004


Sorry I've been offline. Wes has been "fixing" my computer. It has been making an ominous sound like someone is inside making a smoothie. Now it's making a different, more irritating, equally disconcerting sound.

I worked all day on Friday and today and am also working tomorrow.

My son happily received his new scarf today. The report from Wes was that the scarf was worn every time they went outside. I am very pleased. I didn't get to block it. I probably never will. Here it is in it's native habitat, nestled under some dirty mismatched socks.

I had a few Butterfly disasters tonight. I went out to knit with some Purlygirls. I sewed the fronts on to Butterfly. I picked up all the stitches around the neck but something didn't look quite right. Then I realized that I had sewn one front and one sleeve onto the front of Butterfly. Rip, rip, rip. Sew, sew, sew. Pick up 142 stitches. Then I start to knit the collar. I end up with the wrong number of stitches. I rip. I count. I knit. Still wrong. Rip, count...then I remember. There's errata for the collar. What a dope! I even posted the link here a few weeks ago. It was all too reminiscent of the time I sewed one of the sleeves for Lottie to my sweater shoulder to cuff. Or the reversed fronts for the Cursed Baby Sweater. What's my problem?

The Big Sack almost has both sleeves. Hopefully tomorrow I'll get all the parts on the needles and start the raglan decreases.