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December 3, 2004

No Beauty Shot Today

Butterfly is all seamed up but she's not ready for her beauty shot yet. She is blocking. I'm trying to see if I can tame her curling edges a bit. The worst offender is the collar that just doesn't want to lay flat. I cast off using a needle two sizes larger and I was very careful to keep my tension loose. I gave a little tug to the stitches after binding off each one. It was a very, very relaxed bind off. But the collar wants to roll inward instead of splay out nicely. We'll see what she thinks after a night strapped to the rack.

I'm also working on the back edges which curl quite a bit too. The sleeves which had me most worried are not curling much at all. Go figure.

Chanukah has come early to my home. Or at least to me. I asked Wes the other night if he got me a gift yet. He hadn't (shocking, isn't it?). So I offered to buy myself something. Oh, I threw in a little something else too. And our book order finally came in to the shop so I got my copy of Scarf Style and Stitch 'n Bitch Nation. I'm planning on making Backyard Leaves from Scarf Style from my leftover Rogue yarn. I have exactly the right amount. And I'm going to make a Joey Ramone doll as a gift.

The sorely neglected Big Sack, or Sad Sack, as I have started to call it, is close to completion. I have the sleeves attached and am working the yoke decreases. It won't be too long now (you've heard that before right?).

You may notice that something strange has happened at Rose-Kim Knits. I have somehow turned into a mostly monogamous knitter. How did this happen? I used to be as promiscuous as they come. I used to have four or five projects going at a time. I would bring multiple tote bags to every knitting group and flit from project to project. But lately I find when I'm working on something that I want to bear down and finish it. The little incomplete bits of knitting lying everywhere have started to make me feel anxious. But I have a feeling that this won't last long. Now that the decks are clear I can start a new project...or two.

First up will be the new socks for the Six Sox Knitalong. The new sock is a very simple sock with a beaded design on the cuff. I've been wanting to do some bead knitting lately and I wanted a dead-easy sock to knit so this will be perfect for me. I already threaded the beads onto some Lang Jawoll that was gifted to me by Brynne. As I pulled out the yarn I felt something hard inside the skein. After a little digging inside I pulled out a little spool of reinforcing nylon that matches the yarn. How totally cool.

Other than the socks I can't decide which project to knit next. The top candidates are the Red Palm Cap from Poems of Color with a kit from Kimmet Yarns, the Retro Prep in Rowanspun DK, the Floral Felted Tote in Jamieson's DK or the Flower Basket Shawl in Elann Sierra. What to do?