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December 4, 2004

Sad Sack

Did I wake you last night at 2 am with my loud forehead smacking and cursing?
As I was happily nearing the end of the yoke shaping for the Big Sack (and staying up way, way, way too late) I decided to try it on. It's not in my size. I am not an XS. But just out of curiosity I tried it on. And then I saw it. The biggest, dumbest mistake. I had attached the sleeves off center. *Smack!* *Curse!* *Smack* So I have a cute sweater with a cable running up the right side of the front instead of the center. I thought I had slowed down and thought about the sleeve placement but I guess not. And I never once held the sweater up and really looked at it! *Smack!*

I did have a little FO today but no photo. I've been working on one of those Anny Blatt angora and ribbon drop-stitch scarves for the shop. I only work on it at work. I've been working on it for a long time. And today I finally finished. I will stop pulling angora fluff out of my mouth and nose in another day or two.