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January 4, 2005

Clarifying the List

Okay, when I said I made 13 sweaters last year, I lied. I made 14. But I finished one on January 2nd so I really did all the heavy lifting on that one in 2003. And these were the first and only 14 sweaters I ever made. And two were baby sweaters. Let me recap for you.

In January, I finished Rosedale United.
In February, Banff.
In May, Lola and Lottie.
In June, the Shapely Tank and Rosy.
In July, Scrapenstein and the Norwegian baby sweater I made at camp (this is the one I forgot about).
In September, the GE Cardi.
In October, Rogue and a top-down baby sweater.
In November, Paula.
And in December, Butterfly and the Big Sack.

Shit. That is a lot of sweaters.

And I won't be gluing any eyes on monsters tonight because they are still damp! I even threw them in the dryer for a little while.