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January 6, 2005

What's New in Seattle

I still can't get the photos from my camera on to my computer. But I'm knitting and taking pictures. I will share them as soon as I can.

The monster slippers are still damp. I ran them in the dryer yesterday for about 40 minutes. And they are still damp! They will probably stay damp until July. Darned Seattle climate. (Oh and all of you with tons and tons of snow? I hate you. We have drizzle that may turn to snow in the middle of the night and turn back into drizzle in the morning. That's the best I can hope for--light slush. Sigh.) I will venture into the attic and attempt to find my glue gun. Hopefully hot glue will still stick to damp slippers.

I've been working on a new very small project. I am doing a one skein swatch/scarf for the shop in Lana Gatto's New Alpaca. It's so soft, so lovely. I chose another little lace pattern from 365 Knitting Stitches. This one is called Fir Cone. It's very easy although at some point watching Law & Order last night I misplaced a stitch and just kept on knitting. I had to rip several rows. But the scarf is only 31 stitches wide so it wasn't a big deal. I'm knit half the ball of yarn and then put the stitches on a holder last night. I will cast on for the second half today and then graft them in the center so the fir cones will all be right side up when it's worn. I wish I had done this with my Silk Garden lace scarf.

I have been thinking about my currents WIPs and have come to a decision...I think. I am going to abandon the Brown Beaded Socks. I will not complete all six socks for the Six Sox knitalong. I want to enjoy my knitting and this feels like homework now to me. But I feel badly. Like I'm quitting. I also decided I needed to start a new sweater. So I wound up my yarn for my Retro Prep sweater and I'm casting on right now. It will be some good mindless knitting which I can really use right now. A little break from lace scarves.