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January 3, 2005

Cosmic Convergence

I signed up for a wheel spinning class in March. So I did what I always do when I'm interested in a new subject--check out everything from the library on that topic. I got a copy of this video and started watching it last night. I was trying to knit Backyard Leaves while I watched. I screwed up my pattern and I didn't understand anything on the video since it was created for someone watching while sitting in front of a spinning wheel. But I did watch the pre-drafting and drafting part carefully and today I grabbed my drop spindle. I have only used it once and not at all successfully. Today I did a bit better. I spun a small amount of roving I bought a while back. I was able to look up how to ply it and ended up with two tiny balls of burgundy yarn. One is about 10 wpi and the other is more like 5 or 6 (from the old attempt).

I was feeling very encouraged and pleased with what I had accomplished. I had to stop to go pick up my oldest son from school. When I got there he said, "Here." And handed me a wheel of pencil roving! He told me that one of his friend's dad gave it to him to give to me. He also mentioned that it breaks easily which he noticed when he pulled on it. When we got home I tried to get more of the story out of him. He said that it was a present for me because I'm such a good knitter and that there was more where that came from.

How crazy is this? The day I decide to try spindling again someone gives me roving! Nutty! The universe is a strange and mysterious place. I started spinning the roving immediately. It's spins so nice and thin. No drafting problems. I was late leaving for Purlygirls because I was so entranced.

Oh! Further craziness. Today I was playing with an anagram generator that I saw on Melanie's blog who saw it on Hillary's blog (which is great! Check out the amazing holiday robot cookies and this huge handmade stuffed bunny in pajamas.). I tried a few variations on my name with and without my middle initial. I came up with "Jess, Ira -- close." This was very funny because my dad's name was Ira. But the name of the man who gave me the roving is...Ira! Weird, huh? I also came up with "Here's Calais, Jose," "Lice Harasses Joe" and "Ass Coil Jeers." I must have been pretty punchy this morning because I thought that was so damn funny. For Rose-Kim Knits I got "Ike Kim Snorts," which is insanely funny because my father-in-law is named Ike Kim. Wes got "slimy wee elk."