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January 2, 2005

I Was Very Bad

Yesterday was the Acorn Street Yarns New Year's Day sale. I met up with 7 other Thursday night knitters before they opened. We were the first ones there. That did not stop several people from walking in front of us to wait by the door. What is up with that? There were a few people there who deserved some sharp kicks to the shins. People shoved. One woman stepped over me as I was sifting through a bin of Debbie Bliss Wool Cotton and actually tried to push me out the way with her foot. What. the. fuck?

Anyway, I was armed with a list of yarn requirements for many projects I'm interested in. I thought I would probably only end up with yarn for a hat for Wes. Well...see, after I sifted through the Wool Cotton and did not find what I wanted I head to the Merino Chunky--for the hat--for Wes. But on the way, something caught my eye. It was a box brimming with this gorgeousness.

Cashmere, Baby!

Noro Cash Iroha on sale for $6.99! Yes, cheaper than Wool Needleworks, where I'd been mooning over it earlier this week. So I got some. Okay, I got 15 skeins. I'm going to make the Curry Cable Cardigan from the Fall 2002 Interweave Knits. Oh baby!

After my cashmere/silk interlude I did head to the Merino Chunky and got Wes's hat yarn. I had to put back several skeins of Lorna's Shepherd Sock, also $6.99, because I'm already up to my eyeballs in sock yarn and I was already going to be overspending by a whole lot.

They also had Mountain Colors Merino Ribbon on sale. This stuff just rocks. It's soft. The colors are unbelievably divine. And it was $17.99 a skein. Fortunately for my bank account they only had two skeins left in Wild Raspberry. So I got one to make some sort of shawl/scarf/wrap something. I'm going to think long and hard about it. I want it to be really special.

Wild Raspberries

We all did pretty well at the sale. One friend is going to make a v-neck raglan out of Lorna's Shepherd Sock. Won't that be awesome? She got China Blue and one skein of a variegated blue for the trim. That's going to one great sweater.

We headed to a very nice lunch at Atlas Foods and then found a table in the cafe at Barnes and Noble to hang out and knit. We were very surprised to see Marti sitting at the table next to us. She had also been at the sale with some other knitting friends. I only brought my Brown Beaded sock to work on. The beading has been deadly slow. It was driving me insane. I was finally getting into a groove with it when I ran out of beads! What? Then I remembered that I added a pattern repeat because the original seemed really small. So I was only able to do six of the ten rows of beads. I can't say I was that broken up to be done with the beading early. I'm making the socks short and finished knitting the leg and started the heel flap last night.

I knit Wes's hat last night too. I think it came out well. It's very dense and warm.

I really like the swirly decreases.

Today was inventory day at the Fiber Gallery. We counted and counted and counted and counted for six hours. But it's all done now and the store looks gorgeous.

And one last thing, I saw this photo at Got Yarn and I just have to ask. What is this picture all about?

Is this two friends chatting or a snapshot of Girl Bar from the mid-80s? It seems kind of odd to me. I don't usually go out to chat with a friend wearing just jeans and a handknit scarf. Have I been watching too much of The L Word?