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January 22, 2005

Pre-Swap Swap

Today I'm hosting a yarn swap and tea party for the Purlygirls (at least, some of them, 'cause I can't fit all 200 in my living room). But some of my closest knitting buddies couldn't make it so we decided to hold a pre-swap swap at my friend Cass's house. It also gave us a chance to celebrate Jill's birthday (go check out her very pretty new blog).

So the six of us gathered with our swapables. We just laid everything out and told one another about the yarn and why we originally got it. Then we started bargaining with each other. I think it all worked out really well. I don't think everyone got what they wanted and we all got rid of some baggage. We also assembled a pile of "crap yarn." This pile of acrylic ickiness was totally up for grabs. We will donate whatever isn't wanted to some charity knitting groups.

I can't show you what I got right now because I'm busy getting the house ready for the real swap but I can give you a little rundown. I got two skeins of Rowan All Season's Cotton in a very pretty light pink (for an afghan--I've been collecting ASC for this project for about a year now), some Filose (cotton/rayon) in misty blues and greens for Clapotis (!), and one giant skein of Interlacements Periwinkle Petite in rich reds and purples.

I also finished the body of my Retro Prep to the armpits and started my first sleeve.

I promise to take lots of pictures at today's swap and tell you all about it.