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January 23, 2005


Yesterday was swap day. Knitters showed up at my house promptly at 2 with their bags of yarn clutched to their chests. I had a "check in" table where I placed a value on the yarn. I then gave the swapper a slip of paper with their total amount and put their name in the hat. After everyone had checked in we had a brief perusing period. This was an opportunity to decide what you hoped to get and to withdraw items if you weren't happy with the selection. We also had a mound of crappy acrylics that anyone was free to add to or take from. I pulled names two at a time from the hat and people got to "shop" and spend their credit. Everyone was very gracious and erred on the side of taking too little. I think most people did get a few things they wanted. And when it was all over there was still a lot of yarn left on the tables. I had to prompt people several times to come and take all they wanted. I've packed up everything that was leftover from the swap and the crap pile to donate. There was also tea, coffee and snacks. It was a very nice way to spend the afternoon.

Jill was a doll and took photos for me while I was checking people in.

Checking in Yarn

Happy Knitters Looking at Yarn


More Yarn

Even More Yarn

Can You Believe, More Yarn?

My Haul

This was a lot of fun. I highly recommend it. The only drawback was that I was so busy being hostess I only knit two rows of my Backyard Leaves scarf.

Tonight I tried to get some work done on the Floral Felted Tote. I managed about four rows before making a mistake I can't find. This is one sloooooooooooooow project.