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February 8, 2005

The Agony and the Ecstasy

You know how I worked for two hours on Saturday on my Birch Leaf sock? Well, on Sunday, when I sat down to work on it I saw that I had completely screwed up several rows of the pattern. I ripped back several rows and then spent a very long time getting the stitches back on the needles properly and figuring out where I was in the pattern. So after two hours of knitting I was two rows ahead of where I started. Ouch.

But last night at Purlygirls I knit my little heart out on my sock and I'm just a few rows away from done on the first sock. Yay me.

I also got a giant box of fiber from an eBay auction. It's nicely dyed but poorly prepared. Not to mention full of bits of farm residue--spinner like to call all this straw, grass and god knows what else VM for vegetable matter. But when I hear VM I think poop. And I don't want to be thinking that when I'm handling wool because in reality it probably is full of poop too. I ran out to the pet store and bought some dog brushes to try to work this stuff into some semblance of order. The results are so-so. But it doesn't matter because it's spinning up to be a really beautiful and soft yarn although a bit slubby.