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March 11, 2005

Mail Call

I am such a lucky girl. Not only did two more bundles of spinning fiber make their way to my house in the last two days via eBay but I had another unexpected package waiting on my front step today. My pulse raced when I saw Schoolhouse Press as the return address.

My dear knitting camp friend, Mary, sent it to me. Isn't she sweet? Just totally out of the blue. I need to find some quiet time to curl up and read. Thank you, Mary!

Knitting update: Birch is flying along in a relative way. I have finished the first 13 rows. It's--I want to say something confident here but I fear that fate will zap me if I start to feel too good about this project. Let's just saying it's going.

I finished the first sleeve for my Retro Prep. One more to go and it's raglan time.

I also swatched some Dale Baby Ull for Martha last night. I think it will work nicely. And I can get it at the shop where I work.