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April 12, 2005

Manic Monkey Monday

My youngest son had his fifth birthday party yesterday. He wanted to invite all 18 children from his preschool class so I scheduled the party during the week of spring break to try to cut the numbers down. We ended up with six guests. A nice size. My son wanted to have a monkey-themed party because of a photo spread he saw in Martha Stewart Kids. I copied the cake.

His ears a pretty crooked but I think he's cute. My son loved it.

After the party I passed out for a few hours. Wes took the kids shopping for a present for the next party we had to attend in the evening--my best friend's daughter. After that party I went to Purlygirls, having eaten nothing but cake all day. I finished the first Magic Stripes sock last night.

I also finally got a beauty shot of my completed Backyard Leaves.

I feel ready for another nap already.