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April 10, 2005

Weekend Report

I had a very fibery day yesterday. I went to the Spin In at Weaving Works from 10-4. I met lots of other spinners. I also got to sit and spin for six hours straight. When it was all done, I didn't feel like I had actually gotten much accomplished. I pretty much filled a jumbo bobbin with Coopworth (?) roving left over from my spinning class. I came home and attempted to Navajo ply it. I don't think I quite have it. Then I knit with friends in the evening from 7-11ish. My back was so stiff by the time I left.

Today I worked at the shop. I finished a lacy tank top for a shop sample. I didn't get any pictures but I'm not too crazy about it anyway... I've also been knitting a sample one skein lace scarf from Lorna's Laces Lion and Lamb. Hot damn! That stuff is nice. It just gets softer and softer and it's so easy to work with. We got some Noro Daria in a new colorway that's really intriguing to me. Maybe I'll finally make a little purse from some of it.

I've completed eight repeats on Birch. Yeah me. I'll be under 200 stitches in no time.

I'm also halfway through the foot on the first sock. Christy asked why I was still knitting it if I didn't like the yarn. I have two answers. 1) I may like it more when it's done and washed. 2) If I don't like it when I'm done, I'm donating them to the Dulaan project. So either way, I'm still knitting them. Plus, I really needed some simple around and around and around knitting.