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May 29, 2005

Hasty Post

I've had a busy weekend. There's lots I want to write about but not much time (going out knitting!).

I got my good to be girl surprise package in the mail on Friday. It was so adorable. Amy really went all out creating these packages to thank the readers of her blog for her one year anniversary. She has much better photos of all the goodies.

I finished the collar to Sam. I need to sew in the sleeves and the sleeve and side seams. Then I have to sew in a zipper. I haven't even found a zipper yet. Don't hold your breath.

I knit with a few great new yarns at work. Teseo is a very soft, loosely spun wool/microfiber blend. It self-stripes in four monochromatic color shifts. I knit up a one skein broken rib keyhole scarf for a shop sample. It knits up very quickly and the colors are really great.

Today I started a Bouton d'Or baby sweater using a 100% machine-washable wool called Norma. It has great texture and is really fuzzy and soft. I'm making a simple cabled cardigan. Unfortunately it was so quiet at work today I knit the entire back and one-quarter of the right front.

Speaking of work, the new website is up. It currently features a terrible photo of me pretending to learn how to knit from my wonderful co-worker Kristin. She's actually showing me how cool the Habu Textiles Shosenshi linen paper yarn is. And it is very cool.

Eek! Gotta go.