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May 29, 2005

Well That Sucked

I hustled myself to Starbucks to meet my knitbuds and no one showed up. I sat and knit alone for almost two hours. I finished my contribution to Pinku's pink hair accessory exchange. It seems that everyone else is just buying stuff and sending it off. I don't get that. I can buy my own hair accessories. I knit some. I made the Lacy Hair Tamers from the Subscriber Only section at Interweave Knits. They're designed by Veronik Avery (I'd link to her site but it's not up right now). They were quick and fun to knit.

Here is a horrific photo of them.

I used Cascade Fixation. The striping isn't quite as awful in real life but it does detract from the lace. Oh well.

Then I knit half a row of my Faroese shawl. I took probably thirty minutes trying to figure out where I left off. Even my row counter had gotten off since I last worked on this beast.