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August 10, 2005

Add It Up

I'm going to see the Violent Femmes tonight. It will be my third Femmes concert. Each one marks a distinct period in my life. I saw them first in 1986 at Carnegie Hall (who booked that gig?). The concert was sold out but my dad, a man with connections, surprised me with tickets. Sixth row, baby. I was a high school legend (briefly). I saw them again around 1993 in Chicago. They played with the B-52s. Man, that was a good show. And now here I am, a Seattle Soccer Mom, heading off to see a Violent Femmes "ZooTunes" concert which starts at 6pm and end by 8:30. Do I still know how to rock or what? I heard a rumor that the concert was going to be "family friendly." That would knock out pretty much everything I'd like to hear them play. Here's hoping it's just a rumor.