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August 15, 2005

Shut Up and Knit

You may be wondering, "Does Jessica knit anything or does she just bitch about other people's knitting?" The answer is, "Yes, I do knit."

Pattern: Minisweater from Glampyre
Yarn: (Bad) Handspun and Rowanspun DK for the border
Needle: US8 Clover Bamboo
1) I did fewer decreases on the sleeves. I believe I did something like k6, m1 instead of k3, m1.
2) When I separated the sleeves from the body I cast on 3 stitches over the gap (I later picked up the same number of stitches when I knit the sleeves). I also worked some yos based on the busty gal instructions. I didn't do as many yo rounds since I had already added stitches.
3) I knit the sleeves in the round instead of flat. I worked the sleeve decrease less steeply similar to how I increased for them. I left the sleeve stitches on the needle when I got to the right length.
4) I then knit the body straight down until I ran out of yarn. I added an extra button hole and should have added a third. I may still do that. I left the body stitches on the needles.
5) For the border I used the "eyelet points" pattern from Knitting on the Edge. I took another needle and cast on 5 stitches and knit the last stitch of every even row together with a stitch from the body. It flares out very slightly. I should have decreased a bit on that last row as I knit on the border. I worked the sleeve borders the same way. I also realized on my second sleeve that I should cast on provisionally and then graft the last row to the first.

It is a little larger than I would have liked in the body but the yarn was so uneven that it was impossible to get an accurate gauge.

I am also moving along on Ene's Scarf. I am on Row 33. According to my handy triangular shawl calculator I am 33% done. I also realized that I was probably going to run out of yarn. I fortunately found the discontinued yarn in the right color on clearance with free shipping from Fuzzy Mabel. I love not having to pay $5 shipping on a $6.50 skein of yarn.