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August 14, 2005

Still More on the New Rowan

Okay, I've gone over it and I am trying to find some nice things to say about some of the designs. This Kaffe Fassett design has a very nice shape and design. I don't think he picked the best colors or at least the colors did not photograph well. I don't know if I'd want to knit this much intarsia though. Brigitte also has a very stylish, classic shape. Plus it's the name of the dog I had growing up. I love stripey sweaters. I think I'd like this shawl if I could see it. The gloves are all very pretty but knit flat. Yuck! This Louisa Harding design is pretty difficult to see but a cute pattern.

Elizabeth asked for captions in the last post. How's this?

"After Leno I'll make my move."

"Well that was a disaster."