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September 28, 2005

More on Portland

I was so wiped out telling you all about OFFF that I didn't fill you in on the rest of my trip. When I got back from the festival I immediately walked over to Lint. They are having a trunk show for Loop-d-Loop. I really wanted to see the Cabled Riding Jacket in person. And I did. I got to try it on. Well, I got to put my arms in the sleeves and look at the back. The smallest size in the book is a 38" bust. This model was more like 32-34". But I'm in love. Now if only 1750 yards of aran-weight wool would fall from the sky... The last time I visited Lint the staff was busy making pieces for a yarn picnic lunch. They have added many pieces since then.

Click to make exceptionally large

My favorite part is the "paprika" sprinkled on the deviled eggs.

On Sunday we had brunch at my brother in law's house in the Sellwood neighborhood. My SIL told me there was a new yarn shop. She called to see when they opened, drew me a map and off I went. It was a little less than a mile walk over. I got there precisely at noon and saw the sign in the window that said they open at 1. Oh man. I did stop by after 1 and took a look around. They are a new shop and don't have all their inventory yet. It is a HUGE space. I mean ENORMOUS. And light and bright. They will have a cafe and a space for dyeing. But right now they don't have that much stuff. Which I found amusing for a store called Abundant Yarn. They didn't have any yarns that were new to me so I just walked through quickly. I did mention to someone there that the outgoing message on their answering machine says they open at noon on Sunday. And she looked at me and said, "Oh no. We open at 1." Yeah, no shit. That's why I'm telling you, lady.

I also got to swing through The Yarn Garden. Normally a shop that carries practically every yarn like this one would make me really happy. I sort of understood how it was organized but not exactly. This space really turned me off. It's a series of small, cramped, dark rooms. The yarn is in cubbies from floor to ceiling. Even though there were some great yarns there none of it felt special because it was all just stuffed into an endless series of little cubby holes.

Thus concludes my fibery journey through Portland. I hope to go back soon and check out the many, many shops I haven't seen yet.

I've almost finished the first sleeve on the red bolero. I realized after spending several hours doing the i-cord bind off on the bottom that I placed the wrong stitches on holders and will need to rip it out and do it over.

I've also been spinning like crazy. I've partially filled two jumbo bobbins with the pink fluff and have nearly all the fiber prepped. I've been loading music and podcasts on to my iTunes to I have something to listen to while I spin. And last night I watched several episodes of season 2 of "Nip/Tuck" while spinning. It gives me somewhere else to look during all the surgery. Ick.