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September 27, 2005

Red Blobs and iPods

This red blob is the tie-front bolero pattern I've been working on for the shop. I wanted to use the i-cord cast on I learned at camp this summer and found a way to then use Annie Modesitt's knit in i-cord edging from Backyard Leaves along the front edges. I just finished the body and spent a long time on Sunday night trying to find a way to continue the edging along the ties. I had originally intended to cast on stitches in groups of 15 or 20 until the ties were the right length to create tapered ties. But the edging looked terrible when I cast on. After many rippings I decided to just do an i-cord bind off along the bottom and leave three stitches on each side on holders to pick up later and knit i-cords for the ties. I'm just starting the first sleeve which will be full length. I love this yarn (the new Frog Tree worsted-weight merino) but I don't like working on the project. I think it's a fear of failure. I felt the same way working on the lace-edged bolero I made this spring. An unpleasant blend of fear and self-loathing all coming through my knitting. Blech.

On the brighter side of things this came in the mail.

I am no longer the only person over the age of 12 in Seattle without an iPod. It's a nano. It's slick. And tiny. My music collection totally sucks though so I need to work on fleshing that out.

After looking at all my new fiber (and my old fiber when I was putting the new stuff away) I had a moment of panic. How will I ever spin this all up?! I spent a good bit of time spinning up the pink cotton candy for the Union Market Square Pullover. I still have a long way to go.

Larissa posted this darling little flapper baby hat yesterday. I needed a diversion and started rooting around for yarn to knit it. I came across a big hunk of Coopworth that I had dyed along with my Leaf Lace Pullover. The baby hat is a fast project.

The color is odd and the yarn is really sticky. I'm going to give it a good washing. I may overdye it too.