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October 30, 2005


I was thinking about knitting the braided scarf from Loop-d-Loop. It's an intriguingly knit item. Small, fast, nothing too tricky going on. While rummaging in my stash for...something, I forget what, I found my Rowan Cork that I got as a membership gift last year. I got excited as I realized it was the right gauge for the scarf. I left it out on top of a pile of other stuff in my office. The next day or so I walked in and saw it sitting there. What the hell was I planning on knitting with it? I couldn't remember. For days I couldn't remember. Then it came back to me. The next day I walked in. Crap! What was I going to do with it? Oh right. Braided scarf thing. Got it. Before I forgot again I grabbed the book and started flipping through it on my way to the braided whatchamacallit. I passed by the Ruffled Gloves. Oh those are cute. Two skeins of DK weight yarn. Hey! I have two skeins of DK weight yarn.