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October 31, 2005


The shop was a ghost town today. It's been really busy for the past few weeks. But today I was there pretty much by myself. And it's so dark. And windy. And rainy. And yucky.

Have you seen this new online knitting magazine? It seems to be trying a bit too hard for the "I'm so apathetic and dark so you probably don't get me" vibe. But I do really like these gauntlets with a snowflake motif that morphs into a skull. Rock on.

I worked a bit on my Ruffled Gloves tonight. I just finished the first index finger.

And last night I did something really scary. I cast on for Frost Flowers and Leaves. Ah!

The start was a bear. I did Emily Ocker's circular cast on which was fine. But then I couldn't keep those few tiny stitches straight. The needles would get mixed up or slide out. I finally decided to knit the first few rounds using the magic loop method. It was a lot easier to keep the stitches straight. Once I knit a few rounds I switched to double points so I could see my work. This will take years to finish.