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November 23, 2005

Another Scare

Imagine how shocking and horrible it was to receive this from Berroco today.

An attractive pattern in a pretty yarn? Has the world gone mad? After looking at it a bit more it started to look awfully familiar to me.

I knew when I wrote this pattern that I wasn't (ay, the first draft read "was") revolutionizing the knitting world so it's not surprising to see a similar design somewhere else. But Berroco, the birthplace of What the Hell is This? is the last place on earth I would expect to see it.

****Update: I'm not saying Berroco took my pattern, just that these two scarves--and countless others--are similar.

***Footnote on my drum carder. The eBay seller has been 100% helpful in trying to resolve this. She is an earnest and attentive person. It's my local post office that seems to be enjoying dragging this out to its limit. I will head back there today for my FIFTH visit. Light a candle for me.