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November 22, 2005

My Crappy Day

Today was not good on a really huge scale. Besides little irritations, like being woken up an hour early by one of my kids this morning then tormented by the cat, my day including an enormous irritation. I made my FOURTH trip to the post office to try to clear up my insurance claim for the broken drum carder. After having a Brazil-like bureaucratic stonewalling conversation with a moron who I feel was actually trying to be as unhelpful as possible I stormed out of the post office. It was slightly more dignified than the last time I left, whipping my paperwork out of the same guy's hand while hissing, "That bullshit!" This time I sat in my car, seething, and called someone much higher up the food chain. This person alleges to be able to help me with my claim. We'll see. I was feeling somewhat assuaged.

I went out to lunch with my 5 year old when he got home from preschool and walked to the grocery store. On our way back I was accosted by a man demanding to know if I was Jewish. I tried to brush him off and grab my son and just keep walking as he screamed at me. We turned the corner and ran inside to call the police. The officers who eventually came to find out more about the situation seemed really disappointed that I was not hassled by someone disheveled or "scummy" looking which, I suppose, would be easier to write off. They took all my information and gave me their card in case the guy "comes back for me."

Then I did something really stupid. I went with Wes and the boys to Costco. At rush hour. Two days before Thanksgiving. I soothed my frazzled nerves with a stop at the Krispy Kreme drive thru and came home for a movie night. We bought Madagascar for the boys. They like to turn all the lights off for Movie Night. That's right. I had to sit in the dark and watch this so-so film for a second time (I had taken them by myself one day this summer) without being able to knit.

I fell asleep in about three minutes. But now I can't get "I Like to Move It, Move It" out of my head.