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December 2, 2005

Hat Break

Nothing like whipping out a little hat to refresh you.

This is for the Dulaan pile. I used Susan's top-down approach. I wanted to use up the last bit of my first hand-dyed handspun yarn. I also used up the leftovers from my two Christmas Rose bags and some of the leftover yarn from my son's Chicken Run hat (Which he still won't wear, not that I'm miffed about that at all or anything, I mean, I only went to the trouble of finding just the right yarn and a cute pattern and knit the thing up in a day for him because he asked me and now it's sitting on the shoe rack attracting all manner of animal hair. I'm fine with it.).

Let's not discuss the one I started with sock yarn. It's too big. But I'm trying to ignore that and just keep on knitting.